Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Solar Water Heating Systems

There’s nothing worse than a cold bath or shower – it’s the perfect scenario for complaints about poor heating systems and rusty-old gas-fired boiler systems (okay, so we’re biased towards solar heating). Anyway, we’d like to point out a fact that Solar King solar water heating systems are our most popular product during the winter months. A good solar heating system can mean a consistent supply of warm water – so no more complaints about cold water.
Solar thermal heating systems are slightly different to solar panels as they are used to supply you with hot water. Whilst they do work in a similar way to solar panels i.e. using daylight energy, they are built to specifically heat water or, even better, heat your indoor pool.
When it comes to cost effective methods to heat your water, these thermal heating systems come top of the list and you don’t have to worry about relying on the sun to shine in order to have a hot shower. We’re under no illusions about the weather in Great Britain; and as a result, we make sure that your solar heating system relies on daylight rather than direct sunlight.
Solar King thermal solar panels use the most advanced technology and therefore are far more superior to the average solar energy product. If you want to learn more about Solar King solar products, we’d be happy to help.
Image taken from Wikipedia: Solar Water Heating Systems article

Originally posted on the Solar King UK website.