Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Solar Hot Water Panels

We like to pride ourselves on our efficiency and customer services, so if you’re thinking of a way to clear your conscious and be good to the environment then put ourSolar hot water panels to the test and contact one of our friendly advisors who are ready to help you become that little bit greener. I know you’re thinking, we don’t exactly have the weather in the UK to accommodate solar panel energy to heat your home. However our Solar King hot water panels work in day light and not just direct sun light. In fact our solar thermal systems heat water even on a cloudy day and can be individually designed to meet your needs to ensure maximum performance.
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With the cost of living reaching epic proportions, it could be time to start thinking about money saving tips that can also benefit the ever changing climate. With summer just around the corner Solar King thermal solar panels are a great cost effective way to reduce your utility bills and produce the cleanest form of renewable energy.
It’s no wonder our customers are eager to report positive feedback on our unbeatable reputation from this government backed scheme with most homes seeing a 10 – 15% return on their investment.
Originally posted in the Solar King blog.
Diagram of how a solar water heating system works. Image sourced from Wikipedia article.