Monday, 20 February 2012

Solar King Reviews Roof Solar Panels

These days solar electricity is becoming more and more practical as researchers look for ways to reduce the devastating effects our huge carbon footprint is having on our planet. Here in Britain, despite our not-so-great sunshine levels we can still, thanks to improved photovoltaic technology, enjoy solar power. But often you’ll hear complaints about how ‘ugly’ solar panels look on the roofs of houses. Well, look at the original, complaints towards wind farms in the early days – now there’s a certain aestheticism about them, and many people even say they look ‘graceful’.
With the likes of solar roof panels businesses and residential properties are now benefiting from the advantages of producing their own natural power. If you have a secure, un-shaded roof, solar panels can be installed and here at Solar King we make this as simple as possible. Carrying out stringent assessments on your roof before we begin the installation process, our professional and qualified installation team will ensure that no damage or threat to your safety would be caused by your solar power system. Checking the size, strength and positioning of your roof we also make it our responsibility to ensure that your panels are placed in a location that provides maximum exposure to the sun. From ensuring that your panels are south facing and free from obstructions such as trees and nearby buildings we can be happy in the knowledge that you’re solar power system is operating to its full potential.
So once we’ve decided on a photovoltaic system and tailored it to your needs we can then safely and efficiently being the installation process so you can start enjoying renewable power within just a couple of days. So if you’ve been searching for solar panels for roofs your search ends here. Simply give Solar King a call today and we’ll get you well on your way to energy independence.
Originally posted in the Solar King blog.
Image taken from the York restorations Flickr page (just for illustration only and does not represent the work of Solar King UK).