Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Solar Panel Installation

One of the biggest deterrents and misconceptions which come with solar panels often surrounds the installation process. Many of those wishing to switch their traditional supply to solar power think that solar panel installation is a huge job, causing weeks of unwanted disruption around your property. But rest assured here at Solar King this is far from the case.

We have a top team of dedicated solar panel specialists who will assess your property to work out the most efficient location to place your new system and ensure that you get the most return on your investment. Once decided, our Solar King solar power installation team can begin fitting your panels either to your property without causing any damage to your existing structure or can create a bespoke, standalone frame for your panels.

Whichever option is most suited to your property will not only guarantee you the renewable energy supply you’re after but with Solar King we also offer an outstanding maintenance scheme. As a fact those solar panel systems which are maintained by Solar King are up to 30% more efficient, now that’s a statistic you can’t argue with.

So if you want to stop relying on your traditional, expensive and environmentally damaging energy source switch to solar with Solar King. Simply check out our Solar King installation reviews and take it from our already satisfied customers that the installation process is a breeze when you choose our team. After all the installation stage is simply the start of your exciting, new, environmentally friendly future.

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