Friday, 24 February 2012

Solar King reviews home solar thermal system

As we slowly emerge from the minus temperatures of this winter, it’s hard to imagine a home without the luxuries of hot running water and heated radiators. But thankfully here in the UK this is a scenario we don’t have to contemplate being lucky enough to enjoy a reliable energy supply which allows us to make use of such features within our homes.
However, you may not like to hear it but this will not always be the case. With diminishing fossil fuel supplies and energy costs set to reach extortionate rates, limiting your daily energy consumption could soon be a sacrifice you have to make.
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On the other hand you could switch to a power source which guarantees you a supply of hot water for the future when all other sources are reaching saturation point. Not to mention a source which is a heck of a lot cheaper than your traditional supplier. So what is this wondrous power source we hear you ask? Well all of the above can be enjoyed by replacing your current heating supply with a home solar thermal system which generates heat from the abundance of solar energy our earth receives on a daily basis. As a system which collects this natural daylight energy using solar panels fitted to your property, it’s then transferred into heat for your domestic water supply. Therefore allowing you to have less reliance on your traditional, expensive and pollution emitting source.
Here at Solar King we know just how much the average household can benefit from residential solar thermal systems both on an efficiency and financial level. Not to mention the self-satisfaction you receive knowing that your home is helping to reduce our nation’s carbon footprint. Both of which are reasons why we want to make your decision to switch to solar thermal power so easy.
So if you want to start generating your own heat this year do it with one of our Solar King domestic solar thermal systems and start making a wise investment for your future and our planet’s.
Originally posted on the Solar King UK blog.