Thursday, 23 February 2012

Solar King Thermal System Reviews

In our chilly British winters and not so sunny summers having a reliable supply of hot water isn’t a luxury it’s a necessity. No matter how committed you are to conserving our planet, bathing in a cold tub sounds appealing to noone and is a sacrifice you don’t have to resort to in order to reduce your carbon footprint.
Thanks to solar thermal heating solutions you can produce a supply of hot water using a green and renewable energy alternative. As an energy solution which is equally as efficient and as clean as a solar PV system, solar thermal power is an option which many property owners are already enjoying.
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Similar to that of a solar PV system a thermal system harnesses daylight which heats a solar panel collector filled with solar fluid. This heated fluid is then circulated around your water tank, transferring its heat energy to your existing water supply. This therefore produces hot water for use throughout your property or to be used more specifically such as heating a swimming pool.
Capable of supplying up to 70% of your annual hot water needs, a solar thermal heating system works in tandem with your traditional energy supply whilst allowing you to significantly cut your reliance on such extortionate resources. This is why here in the UK so many residents and businesses have already converted to this renewable power supply.
So if you think we’re just being biased here at Solar King, simply check out our Solar King thermal solar panel reviews and you’ll soon see that it’s not just us who are now fans of solar power.
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Image from Solar King UK.