Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Solar King Complaints Procedure

Here at Solar King not only are we experts when it comes to renewable energy and providing you with some of the best solar power options available but we also pride ourselves on our unbeatable customer service too.  With over ten years of experience within the solar power industry we’re experts when it comes to meeting your needs. Tailoring all of our products to suit the demands of your property, we offer solar PV panels, solar thermal systems and solar heating pumps as just some of the alternative solutions you can use to provide for your energy consumption.
Using only the latest solar power technologies we want to ensure that when you purchase with Solar King you’re getting maximum return on your investment and can fully enjoy the capabilities of such a fantastic alternative energy source. To instil exactly this we uphold a stringent Solar King complaints procedure so that should any of our customers ever receive anything but the best service, we can address the situation as quickly as possible.
We understand that committing to solar power is an investment that you’ll want to see results from and which we here at Solar King won’t be happy with unless you are. This is why we have a dedicated Customer Services team on hand so that should you have any qualms with your renewable energy system we can handle it both in an efficient and professional manner.
Accompanying your switch to solar power from the very start, here at Solar King we’ll be with you from the design stages right through to the aftercare and maintenance stage, so if there’s an area you feel we’ve fallen below our high standards in, then we want to know. Despite our renowned positive reputation we believe that there’s always room for improvement and the only way in which we can continue to improve is by knowing if there are ever any faults in our service. Making your satisfaction a priority at Solar King, complaints are something we never take lightly as after all, just like you this is an aspect of our service we never want you to experience.
So if you want to start reaping the benefits of solar power, do it with Solar King, a name you know will offer you the best service possible.