Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Is Solar Power Worth it?

So it’s reached the point where you’re beginning to look around and notice the consequences of increased global warming with melting polar ice caps and a thinning ozone layer and you’ve decided it’s time you personally started making some changes. Well first of all here at Solar King we applaud you for reaching this conclusion and second of all we’d like to support your decision by making this commitment to change as simple as possible.
When it comes to making a positive contribution to our environment, there’s only one way to go and that’s solar power. Of course here at Solar King we’re going to say that but we’re biased for good reason. You may be thinking ‘is solar power worth it?’ After all changing your energy supply really is a hassle you could do without, but take it from the hundreds of satisfied customers in our reviews (people who’ve had solar panels installed), with Solar King the only thing you’ll notice is the energy independence you can start enjoying.
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As one of the most reliable alternative energy sources available not to mention one of the cleanest resources out there, once you’ve made the transition you’ll wonder why you didn’t convert much sooner. Not only can you start enjoying the self-satisfaction of a power supply which you know is assisting the recovery of our planet, but you can also enjoy financial benefits too. With the Government’s Feed-in Tariff you can generate 21p for every unit of energy you produce even if you use it yourself and if you don’t use it you can sell it back to the National Grid at an even higher rate.
So now that we’ve discussed just some of the advantages of solar power next time you ask yourself ‘is  solar power worth it?’ just stop and think where we’d be if nobody made any contribution to saving our planet. Surely anything which allows us to continue living in such a wonderful environment is worth the commitment?
Post originally published on the Solar King UK website.
The Energy Saving Trust is also a good source of information about the value of solar energy.