Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Solar King Complaints

Here at Solar King UK we pride ourselves on nothing more than our great reviews which is why should we ever come up against a complaint we want to hear all about it. When you’re dealing with www.solarking.com, complaints, although rare are valued equally as much as our praise so we can constantly build on our top level of customer service.

Taking the good with the bad is part of every successful, growing and customer service based business, which is why if you’re not happy with the service we’ve provided we want to know.

Here at Solar King we set our standards extremely high and make it our aim to bring you top quality solar panels and solar heating solutions in a professional and efficient manner. So if you feel these standards haven’t been met then we want to correct this as soon as possible so you can receive the great service which we’re known for, and no doubt the service you expect to receive. 

This is why with any Solar King complaints we take them extremely seriously, as just like you we don’t expect such service and will address your concern as a matter of urgency. After all we want to support you’re switch to solar, so should you have any solar panel complaints they’re resolved quickly, making your step towards a brighter future as rewarding as it should be.