Thursday, 23 February 2012

Heat Pump System Reviews

You may think you’ve heard it all when it comes to renewable energy but how much do you know about heat pumps? Available in the form of both ground sources and air sources, a heat pump can effectively replace your conventional boiler meaning your property can reduce the harmful emissions it produces by up to half.
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With solar heat pumps, put simply, energy either from the air or the ground is transformed into heat and used to warm the water in your water tank. Just like a traditional boiler this water is then used to supply your property with the hot water it needs.  So now you know how a heat pump generates heat what about the effectiveness of this technique? Well this is just one of the reasons why heat pump system reviews are always so positive, as in comparison to most gas or oil boilers which peak at 80 percent efficiency, your heat pump can expect to produce an efficiency level of 350 percent!
But if this wasn’t enough to convince you to include a heat pump in your renewable energy plan then take into consideration that our Solar King heat pump systems usually last up to 20 years, two times longer than that of a conventional boiler.
So now that you’re clear on the efficiency, maintenance and reliability of a heat pump system it’s time to start generating clean, low cost power. Why not put our Solar King heat pump reviews to the test and discover the advantages of this unbeatable power source for yourself?
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