Monday, 27 February 2012

Home Heat Pump System Reviews

No doubt you’re well aware of the fact that our fossil fuel supply is very nearly at saturation point and as panic sets in one of the resources which is looking ever more appealing is solar power.
As a resource which is predicted to last at least another 5 billion years it definitely offers the reliability and renewability that we now so desperately need in a power resource. This is why here at Solar King UK we’re committed to supplying you with the resources you need to start harnessing this power for yourself. And one of the most effective solutions we offer which can ensure exactly this is our home heat pump systems.
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As a resource which transfers heat rather than generating it, heat pumps have the ability to provide up to 4 times the energy they consume. Available in varying forms the most efficient of heat pump systems are geothermal heat pump systems or ground source heat pumps as they’re also known. Transferring heat between your house and the ground or a nearby water source these pumps have a high output level whilst maintaining extremely low operating costs thanks to the fact that they utilise the natural heating temperatures of the ground or the cooling temperatures of water. This means that when it comes to our Solar King home heat pump systems, these receive some of the highest levels of customer satisfaction as you can slash the amount of electricity you use within your home by as much as 40%.
So if you think a heat pump system is for you then get in touch with Solar King today and our experts will discuss a tailored solution to suit your energy needs so you can start enjoying the benefits of natural energy.
Originally posted in the Solar King UK blog.