Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Solar Power Advantages and Disadvantages

When it comes to converting your energy supply to a renewable source, as with every huge decision you make you’ll want to know you’re making the right one. This is why here at Solar King before you make the switch we want to ensure you’ve considered all of the solar power advantages and disadvantages.
So let us begin with the advantages of solar power, an area we here at Solar King could happily discuss all day long.
As an energy source which is completely renewable, no matter how much energy we use in a day we can still feel safe in the knowledge that once a new day begins, the sun will again rise and continue to do so for the foreseeable future – a benefit which unfortunately isn’t the case with our rapidly diminishing fossil fuel resources.
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Renewability and reliability aside, solar power as well as causing absolutely no noise pollution also creates absolutely no pollution…full stop. In comparison to our current energy supply which produces tonnes of harmful greenhouse gases that are slowly destroying our planet, one of advantage of solar is that it is a very welcome alternative. So while you’re busy thinking about how much you’re contributing to saving our environment, with solar power you don’t even have to worry about the maintenance of your system too. Solar cells require very little maintenance and with no moving parts it really is impossible to damage. All your system needs is a quick annual clean and it will continue supplying you with energy for an average of forty years.
So now you’ve discovered the advantages it’s time to look at areas of concern (or ‘disadvantages’) when it comes to solar panels.
Many people are deterred from solar power because of the initial costs, however once you’ve made your initial purchase, you no longer have to fork out for expensive, traditional energy bills every month and will in turn generate huge savings, and even allow you to take advantage of the feed in tariff. Not to mention you can generate your own income with the government schemes available. But what about the fact that here in the UK we face limited days of sunshine? Well you’ll be pleased to know that solar panels actually rely on daylight rather than sunlight, which means that even on a cloudy day, your system can still provide you with energy it converts from direct sunlight or from energy which it has stored from previous days.
So now you know the solar power pros and cons, we hope we’ve made your decision that little bit easier and if you need any more persuading feel free to give us a call.
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Image of a solar powered stadium in Kaohsiung, Taiwan – a great examples of the advantages of solar energy. Taken from Wikipedia.