Tuesday, 14 February 2012

How do solar panels work?

There are often complaints about what solar panels look like, complaints about the method in which they are built and complaints about their inefficiency. But a little education into what they are and how electricity is generated will help create a general awareness and understanding that they’re not all that bad. At Solar King, we want to show you how solar panels work.
Understandably, a question we get a lot is how do solar panels work? It’s neither a stupid question nor one that we ever shy away from because it’s our job to explain and educate to others the many benefits of solar energy.
When light (sunlight or daylight) hits an object, it heats that object up. How solar panels work is simple. When the light hits a solar panel (which is made up of specific, clever materials knownphotovoltaic cells), the solar panel then turns this light into an electrical current, which is how we can power certain household items with solar panels.
Every day, the earth receives energy from the sun and every day we aim to think of new and innovative ways to make the most of this energy. Arguably the most common way of trapping said energy is by using solar panels. The best thing about solar panels is that you can use the energy you collect for a range of different things to benefit your household or property.
Typically, the heat and energy is stored in your boiler to create hot water, but these days you can do much more than just have a hot shower. Not to mention installing solar panels lowers your monthly electricity bill!
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Originally posted on the Solar King UK website.