Thursday, 16 February 2012

Solar King Reviews how solar panels work

As one of the most effective renewable forms of energy, Solar King reviewswhat you’ve probably already heard – what are the advantages of solar power? But how does it actually works? Well you could be benefiting from solar power using two methods, either a photovoltaic system or a solar heating system, both of which can save you significant amounts on your energy bills whilst of course aiding the recovery of our planet.
As with both methods here at Solar King we will review and equip your property with our Solar King solar panels so the harnessing can begin. When it comes to photovoltaic panels, they produce power from direct daylight rather than sunlight, thankfully for us here in the UK, which means that even on a cloudy day you can still generate power. Containing two major elements your solar panel system will of course contain the panel which consists of two layers of silicon, one with a positive charge and one with a negative charge. Therefore when the sun’s rays hit the panel electrons move between the layers creating an electrical current which then flows to component number two, the inverter, so that it can be converted into usable power for your property.
So what about the second method of harnessing solar power? Well when it comes to a solar water heating system it works in a similar way to solar PV, however daylight is used to heat fluid in panels on your roof which is then used to heat your traditional hot water system, rather than generate electricity.
So there you have it, simple really isn’t it? So why not start making the most of our Solar King solar panels today and start converting to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Please review the Solar King image below (even if a somewhat crude diagram!)