Thursday, 9 February 2012

Office Solar Panels

When you think of solar panels, do you think of commercial or residential use? Well at Solar King, office solar panels are kind of our thing. Don’t get us wrong, we do specialise in home solar panels, but we also do solar panels for offices.
You’re probably either thinking, “yeh I knew that,” but you may also be thinking “no way, office building solar panels, what a great idea.” We’ll stop guessing your thoughts now, but the point we’re trying to get across is this. Whether you work in a small office, a large commercial site or even from home, we can make your working environment more eco-friendly and sustainable.
Not only would this be a great show of your corporate social responsibility, but it would also cut your monthly electricity bills down – a lot.
So, who typically buys office solar panels from us? Well, there’s a variety to be honest from warehouses wanting to reduce overheads, to city agencies wanting to do their bit and also the larger corporate types. But remember, it’s not about jumping on the green bandwagon, it’s about utilising office solar panels to show you care and to make a future proof decision.