Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Solar King Reviews the state of Solar Power Grant

Did you know that by investing in solar energy you could be paid by the Government for your contribution to renewable energy?  There are so many positives to investing in solar power, not to mention your contribution to the environment by producing clean, green energy but with the offer of a tax free return for every unit of electricity generated, there’s never been a better time to invest in government solar panels.
From our Solar King reviews page many of our customers have been quick to tell us about the fantastic returns they have made from their investment and the savings on their utility bills. If youinstall Solar PV Panels, the government’s feed in tariff scheme, along with savings you make on your utility bills, can generate a return investment of between 10 – 15%.With a drive towards pushing solar energy usage out to the masses the government is looking to introduce new solar power grants including the renewable heat incentive. Similar to the feed in tariff for electricity, a fixed payment is paid to the householder or business owner for any renewable heat generated by an installed renewable heating system.
If you want a guaranteed return on your investment as well as making the switch to doing your bit for the environment and changing to a renewable energy source then call Solar King today.
Blog post originally shared on the Solar King UK website.