Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Solar King Reviews – How does Solar Power Work?

Here at Solar King UK we understand the importance of feedback, it helps a business grow and our clients are more than forthcoming in letting us know about our service and products over on our Solar King reviews page. Of course you want to understand how a product works and what it even is before purchasing so let us help you.
THE PS10 solar tower concentrates solar energy onto the array below.
The Earth receives enough solar energy in one day than the earth uses in one year, so advancements in technology have enabled us to collect this energy through fitting domestic solar panels and turn it into a renewable source for use within your home. A solar PV panel has no moving parts and operates without any noise or emissions so you would have very little disruption even during the 2/3 day installation process. The grid connected systems start from around 8kW rating, which occupies approximately 8.2 square metres of your roof space. Regarding the solar panel sizes, we understand any hesitations you may have concerning maintenance so we make a promise to actively service, repair and upgrade any systems fitted, even by 3rd party installers.
The solar-electric Helios prototype pictured by the U.S Navy
If you’re still not sold then read our testimonials on the Solar King UK reviews section to see the comments from our already satisfied customers. From previous feedback we have also devised an FAQ’s page to answer the more common questions we get asked about solar energy so read on to hopefully help you make the right decision.
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