Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Solar King Complaints – Commercial Panels

These days everywhere you look we’re reminded of the effects of global warming and the devastation our carbon footprint is having on our environment. With this daily reminder not only are we as individuals feeling the need to make more of an effort to use less energy which produces harmful emissions but this pressure is even more evident if you’re a business. As representatives within your market and pillars within your surrounding area no doubt you’ll want to give off the best reputation you possibly can. Therefore with so much hype surrounding the effects of global warming it makes perfect sense to show your commitment to change and make every effort to become a greener company. Businesses consume huge amounts of energy on a daily basis leading to often scrutinised and huge carbon footprints which is why it’s becoming increasingly evident that you need to show you’re taking responsibility and working to reduce this. 
One of the best ways you as a business can do this is by converting to a completely renewable energy source such as solar power. Switching your power source to solar power is without a doubt one of the best ways to boost your reputation, not only does it set an example to all your surrounding businesses but it might just give you that edge over your competitors and give your clients and customers that extra reason to choose your business for your service or products.
However all of this reputational reward of course comes second to the huge impact switching to a renewable energy source would have on the environment. Businesses who switch to solar power can make huge reductions on their carbon emission output which in turn means you can rely significantly less on your current extortionate energy supplier. Thanks to the reliability of solar power unlike traditional forms of energy, solar power costs never fluctuate and aren’t subject to huge price hikes. So if you want to escape the unpredictability of conventional energy sources you need to do it with solar power and install commercial solar panels and start making a difference today. Not to mention once you’ve shown your commitment to becoming a greener company you can also be fed into the Government’s Feed-In Tariff and actually start generating your very own income. With the recent revisions of the Feed-In Tariff from 1st July you could be looking at earning 16.5p for every Kilowatt Hour of energy you produce and even more if you make the switch before this date.
With all these great advantages to solar power it’s no surprise to us here at Solar King that when it comes to solar power we rarely hear of complaints. As an alternative which not only offers all of the above benefits for a business but offers a resource which can also withstand extreme weather conditions and is extremely durable you’re looking at an average warranty of 20 to 25 years. So if you want to make the change to a greener future do it with Solar King and the only complaint you’ll have to make is why you didn’t switch sooner.